20 Times North West Was Clearly The Boss Of Kim And Kanye

Most celebrities’ children grow up in the spotlight. Living in the favorable environment, they can easily win the favor of their parents and other people. Sometimes, they are in charge of the whole family. Now, let’s take a look at North West — the daughter of Kim and Kanye.

1. Ride Along

2. Daddy’s Girl

3. Just Say No

4. Hands Free

5. Hop On!

6. On the Phone

7. Here We Go

8. Breakfast of Champions

9. Cat Nap

10. The World Is Your Toystore

11. Little Princess

12. Pick me up, Mom!

13. Boss Lady

14. Foot Man

15. No Pictures!

16. Carry All

17. In Vogue

18. Speak Up

19. Barefoot in the Park

20. Shop Till You Drop

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