24 People Who Quit Their Jobs WIth Style

1. Today’s Special: An Angry Resignation Letter

2. Loud And Proud

3. One Talented Designer

4. How To Make A Gesture At Your Unbearable Boss

5. Even Mario Is Done Eating Mushrooms

6. Things People Do In The Bathroom

7. Flush You Down The Toilet

8. Your Loss

9. You Should Work For Twitter

10. Quitting With Style

11. How Does A Printer Quit His Job

12. Me, Too

13. Lost Forever

14. A Poetic Quitter

15. The Best And The Worst Two Weeks Notice

16. The Price Of A Resignation Letter

17. The Taste Of Resignation

18. Goodbye, Boss And Earth

19. Defending The Light Sounds Like A Serious Job

20. One Last Drink

21. Double Or Nothing

22. A “Sincere” Apology

23. A Happy Quitter

24. The Griddle Is Well Cleaned

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