5 Creative Christmas Trees That Make Quite A Scene

Christmas is only a month away. If you have trouble coming up with new ideas for Christmas tree decoration or just want to browse some impressively decorated trees, take a look at the trees in these 5 spots!

1. The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, New York City, USA

The Rockefeller Center Christmas lighting ceremony has been a holiday tradition for 80 years. There you can ski while appreciating the giant garnished tree. 

2. Tbilisi Christmas Tree, Georgia

When the Christmas tree is lit in The First Square, it is also the time for the Christmas choir and the Christmas market to begin. 

3. Vilnius Christmas Tree, Lithuania

Each year the Vilnius Christmas tree on the Town Hall Square is different. This tree resembles a chess queen in a chess game, which is Lithuanian nobility’s favorite game. 

4. Kyiv Christmas Tree, Ukraine

The Christmas tree lit at Sofiyska Square is over 20 meters high and consists of 400 live pines. With its fairy lights, it enters the top 5 most beautiful Christmas trees in Europe.

5. National Christmas Tree, Washington, D.C., USA

Each year the National Christmas tree is decorated with different lights and garnishments. Wonder what it will look like this year?

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