Privacy Policy

This policy explains what information AestiListas collects from you, how we collect it, how it is used, and why it is secure. It is hoped that after reading this, you could have a basic understanding of the mechanism of cookies and how we deal with information.

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small file recording a certain amount of data about you. It is stored on your device’s hard drive and will be sent to our server when you visit our website. These cookies save the preferences of your browsing activities, with which we could create a unique service that is only designed for you. You are free to block or delete the cookies on your browser settings. However, once blocking cookies, you will no longer receive customized service and some basic functions of our website may be unavailable.

Cookies classification

Essential cookies

These cookies play the dominant role in the running of the AestiListas website, which is used to deliver the service you request to your device. If these cookies are disabled, it will influence your normal use of the website with high possibility.

Functionality cookies

These cookies are to save your browsing preferences, with which you will have better browsing experiences when you visit AestiListas again in the future.

Analytics and Performance cookies

These cookies are used to observe and analyze what you do on the website, like what content you have read, how long you have stayed in the pages, and other statistical data. We will optimize our service based on this valuable information. Just make it clear to you that the analytical tool we use is called Google Analytics, which is an easy-to-use tool helping us measure how you interact with our website. It is a free service provided by Google.

Advertising cookies

Advertising cookies can provide the ads that you are interested in based on the analysis of your browsing preferences. You can disable these cookies, but you still can see the non-personalized ads.

Third-party cookies

Some cookies sent to you are not delivered by our server but by our third-party partners. AestiListas has no right to check and control these cookies. Thus, we suggest that you check the detailed information about third-party cookies when you visit our website.

How to disable cookies

If you insist on disabling cookies, go to the browser setting pages and follow the instruction to delete cookies. Just remind you that blocking cookies may impact some basic functions of our website.

Privacy Policy

What information we collect

AestiListas does not collect any private information from you. Specifically, when you visit our website, we only collect your account name, browsing activities, and other analytical data. Your real name, email address, phone number, and other private information will not be sent to our server.

How we use the information

The information AestiListas collects is related to your personal browsing habits, with which we can know how well our service performed and how you interact with our website. This information will help us make an appropriate strategy to improve the functions of our website, creating a better browsing experience for you.

Track abuse issues

If we are required to disclose the information by law, we will do so with no hesitation.

Security concern

The service provided by AestiListas is original content without any virus. Moreover, the information we collect about you will not be shared with others without your explicit permission.

Just remind that this policy may be amended in the future. What we do with the information is governed by the policy in effect at the time. Meanwhile, what you do on our website is bound by the latest version of the Privacy Policy. If you have any questions or suggestions, please be free to contact us, our official email is: [email protected].