World’s 8 Best Beaches For Winter Surfing

8. Hanalei Beach, Hawaii

Hanalei Beach is a two-mile long beach with white sand and majestic mountains. Hanalei means “crescent bay” in Hawaiian, and it is the largest bay and one of the most picturesque locations in Hawaii. Hanalei Beach is famous not just as a romantic place but also a surfe’s paradise. World champions and athletes love to call it Hanalei home. The best time to head to this beach is September to May subject to high surf and strong currents in winter months. Waves of 20 feet (6 meters) and more are not uncommon, and the biggest waves for surfers are a spot called Pinetrees, which is close to the center of the Hanalei Bay.

7. Tamarama Beach, Australia

Located in New South Wales in Australia, Tamarama Beach is one of several deeply embayed beaches on Sydney’s south side. It is a small beach, and its parklands are a great place to take a short break and mingle with surfers and sunbathers before you continue your stroll. Tamarama beach has a nickname ‘Glamarama’, where many beautiful people hang out here. This beach is easy to access to, and the surfing conditions are fantastic. The best swell course is from the southeast, and the wind blows well from the southwest. This shoreline has revealed reef break and has unpredictable surf. The best time for surfing is in wintertime.

6. Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain

Long sunny days, intense wind, and waves up to two meters mean that the beach has been a long tradition of windsurfing and kite surfing. It has been called Europe’s answer to Hawaii and surfing in the winter has been happening for years and years. Fuerteventura, loosely translated as “ Strong Winds”, is the second largest of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa, and is politically part of Spain. Local people call Fuerteventura “the Rock” but unlike the sand on most of the other Canary Islands which is black, while the sand here is a pleasant pale yellow. The sun often shines all day in the winter and the water is a sparkling royal blue. Hundreds of surfers descend on Fuerteventura every year, and during July the island is host to the P.W.A world surfing speed and slalom event at Sotavento in the south.

5. Black’s Beach, California

Beautiful and isolated, Black’s Beach in San Diego is a perfect spot for winter surfing. It is a two-mile long stretch of beach located just north of La Jolla Shores and beneath the Torrey Pines bluffs. Black’s Beach is famous among surfers as it is considered as one of the most powerful surf breaks in Southern California. The reason this beach puts out such great waves is due to the Scripps Canyon, an underwater submarine canyon, which funnels the waves toward the shore. Local surfers flock to this beach, however, it is really worth to stroll down the trail to catch a view of these beautiful and powerful waves. Ensure you wrap up in that wetsuit as the winter in the wintertime is quite nippy. If you take a view high above on the cliff tops you can be sure to recognize some resident peregrine hawks.

4. Morocco, Africa

The waves here by and large break over level shake and sand with awesome point breaks and surfers originate from everywhere throughout the world to encounter these waters. Boilers is Morocco’s most testing surf spot, named after the kettle of a wreck that can be seen as the waves structure. This dazzling surf spot is implied for experienced surfers just, particularly in the winter with those huge swells. Stay Point then again is known for its steady waves at all tide and waves ordinarily begin at 3 feet and can reach up to 15 feet. There is no better time to encounter the popular right hands than the wintertime in Northern Africa.

3. Tofino, British Columbia, Canada

Tofino is perfect for beginners or experts. You will find 35 km’s surf-able shoreline breaks here though big winter tempests will have beginners watching from shore. With beautiful rainforests, sandy beaches and perfect, Tofino is generally considered as Canada’s surf capital. The water is a cool, yet genuinely steady 10°C/50°F, making it a year-round surfing destination. However, the best surfing time is in winter when the surf is definitely up with a strong, fairly consistent swell. If you want to spend quality surfing time in the water, a warm wetsuit is essential, along with recommended booties, booties, gloves and a hood. The surfing town of Tofino has a variety of shops, spots to eat and off-the-wall lodging. Most surfers come here head to Long Beach where 16 km’s of sand anticipate any level of surfer. Chesterman Beach is also a well-know hot destination, found only 8 minutes from Central Tofino and offers one of the best beginner breaks in North America. With respect to cold, you scarcely see it when you are zipping along some of the best winter waves on the planet.

2. Baja, Mexico

A fantastic destination for going by American surfers, Baja’s really popular right pointbreaks and mysto reefs get north-west swells from October to April and south-west swells from May to September. Predominant winds blow from the north-west yet winter offshores are normal. The inlet-riven coastline contrives to block, shadow and wrap swells into an ideal wind, in comparable measure. Local highlights, for example, the Seven Sisters (pointbreaks) are a regular footer’s heaven. Water temperature fluctuates between 11°C to 20°C (52 to 68°F), and you’d better o bundle up with a full wetsuit, booties, gloves and a hood. For some of the greatest waves in the Pacific during the winter, surfers can head to Todos Santos (The Klliers), an island available by vessel or Jet Ski and one of the original big break surfing spots. There are little beginners here, and only great waves and great surfers.

1. Maine, USA

The water is never particularly warm in Maine (maybe in the low 60s on a good day), but don’t let the cold weather fool you – it is a perfect spot for winter surfing. Surfers in Vacationland won’t get the towering swells of Pacific hot spots, but hey, the landscape is unspoiled, waters are desolate, and there is a tight community of local surfers and consistent surf-able waves. Beginners and vets usually head to Long Sands Beach, which offers a perfect beach with waves breaking over a sandbar. For some of the greatest wave in the state, surfers can go to Higgins Beach, which is located at the exposed beach. Fifteen-foot swells are not unheard of here, and there are a few rocks to watch out for, so fledglings ought to be exceptionally careful. This beach is actually closed to surfers in the summer and tourists flock to this popular winter surfing destination in the winter months.

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